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Specially made for your special day!

Jilly’s can help in creating the desserts for the most memorable day of your life with customized cakes and cupcakes. From traditional to destination, every wedding we help with is as unique as the bride and groom. Here are just a few of the things we take into consideration for your big day:

  • We can match your color pallette
  • We take the meal into consideration
  • Is there a special dessert you love?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your favorite flavors?
  • Are you outdoors or indoors?

From serious to sexy and from fun to funny, we will work with you and for you to come up with something original. Jilly’s combines great taste with art at the heart. But, it is also all about customizing a dessert that is made just for you and your wedding day.

Call (314) 993-JILLY (5455) or contact to set up a tasting of our delicious cakes, frosting and stuffings. Please leave a phone number when you contact us so we can call you.

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